Lexus IS200 5PK Supercharger Pulley (TTE & Rank One Kits)

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Supercharger pulley for Lexus IS200 Supercharged (Bemani/TTE & Rank One kits compatible)

A drive pulley mounted on the water pump of the 1G-FE engine, used to drive the M62 supercharger on the TTE, Bemani and Rank One supercharger kits.

  • 135 mm is the standard size on Rank One kits and is a mild upgrade on Bemani/TTE kits. It usually gives you 0.3 to 0.35 bar of boost for about 205 hp. No other modifications are required, this is 5mm larger than the standard pulley size used by TTE in the past, to compensate for the eventual charger wear.

  • 140mm - this usually gives you 0.4 bar of boost for about 220 hp. Some people run this with standard injectors, but the car will run a bit lean with it, so the best way is to install 1ZZ-FE injectors for reliable operation. Some superchargers pump a bit less air from factory and with those, a 140mm pulley can be used with stock injectors (if you get 0.35 bar with this pulley for example).

  • 145mm - this usually gives 0.45 to 0.5 bar of boost for 230 hp. 1ZZ-FE injectors are required for this pressure level. Front catalytic converters may cook at this pressure level, so you may want to remove them (with an aftermarket decat manifold or just open them and remove the internals, gut them). The rear catalytic converter is OK to stay, if it's in good condition.

  • 150mm - this is the most popular pulley size by a lot. Usually gives you 0.5 to 0.55 bar of boost for 230-240 hp. This is the max 1ZZ-FE injectors can take and the max the OEM ECU can manage with just a fuel cut defender. Front cats are best removed at this level, the rear one can stay if it's in a good condition.

Required belt sizes:

For Rank One kits:

  • 135mm - 5PK778, 5PK780
  • 140mm - 5PK788, 5PK790
  • 145mm - 5PK800
  • 150mm - 5PK810, 5PK813

For TTE/Bemani kits and replica cradles:

  • 135mm - 5PK795
  • 140mm - 5PK800
  • 145mm - 5PK810
  • 150mm - 5PK825, 5PK830


  • 5PK width
  • CNC machined out of 6061 billet aluminium
  • Anodized in red or black
  • CNC engraved

What's included:

  • 5PK aluminium pulley

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