Lexus IS200 Supercharger Kit (incl. Eaton M62 SC Unit)

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This is a bolt-on kit to supercharge the GXE10 1999-2005 Lexus IS200/Altezza AS200 with the Toyota 1G-FE engine.

Boost levels of 0.3 to 0.8 bar are possible with power levels of 205 hp to 275 hp (depending on a lot of factors, mainly engine condition). Compared to the TTE/Bemani supercharger kit, which was available when the IS200 was sold as new, it achieved 0.3 bar of boost for 205 hp (0.2 bar for 185 hp in Switzerland).

No permanent modifications are required, bar a couple of 8mm holes in the crash bar to mount the intercooler and 2 small cutouts in the plastic arch liners for the charge pipes to go through.

Power levels and pulley sizes:

  1. 135mm - this usually gives you 0.3 to 0.35 bar of boost for about 205 hp. No other modifications are required, this is 5mm larger than the standard pulley size used by TTE in the past, to compensate for the eventual charger wear.
  2. 140mm - this usually gives you 0.4 bar of boost for about 220 hp. Some people run this with standard injectors, but the car will run a bit lean with it, so the best way is to install 1ZZ-FE injectors for reliable operation. Some superchargers pump a bit less air from factory and with those, a 140mm pulley can be used with stock injectors (if you get 0.35 bar with this pulley for example).
  3. 150mm - this is the most popular pulley size by a lot. Usually gives you 0.45 to 0.55 bar of boost for 230-240 hp. 1ZZ-FE injectors are required for this pressure level. Front catalytic converters may cook at this pressure level, so you may want to remove them (with an aftermarket decat manifold or just open them and remove the internals, gut them). The rear catalytic converter is OK to stay, if it's in good condition.
  4. 165mm - this is the max you can go. You can get 0.8 bar of boost and with water/meth injection, 2zz-ge or bigger injectors, 1zz injectors + fuel return line and FPR, a piggyback ECU or a standalone, mapping, bigger exhaust and manifold, no cats, an additional large blow off valve and some luck you can get up to 270-280 hp out of the engine. The best results so far have been 165mm+1zz injectors+fuel return+FPR+FCD on the OEM ECU for 272 hp at 0.75 bar and 160mm+2zz injectors+water/meth injection+piggyback at 0.65 bar for 280 hp. It all depends on the dyno of course, so these are just examples.

Note: All power figures have actually been achieved and dynoed by different guys through the years and depend mainly on engine condition – if you have good compression, you’ll be close. If your engine is worn, you may see lower power figures.

Included components:

  1. Eaton M62 supercharger - a second hand supercharger unit, checked by us to be in good working order. Additionally we sand blast them to make them look good and prepare them for paint, if you want to paint the charger. We change the rear needle bearings as a precaution, because these are known to fail. And we put fresh oil in the charger gearbox, a special Mobile 1 Jet oil. This is a second hand unit so we cannot provide full warranty for it, only DOA.
  2. Mounting cradle - we've designed it to work on both OEM exhaust manifolds and aftermarket decat manifolds (they have thicker flanges and are missing one of the mounting points used on the original TTE designed cradle). The cradles are made out of mild steel, welded, adjusted on our test rig to fit perfectly, powder coated in sand textured black coating.
  3. Inlet/Outlet for the supercharger - these are designed to fit perfectly and hold boost well with the inlet having a mount for the bypass valve. They are made out of 6061 aluminium, CNC milled flanges and are powder coated in sand textured black coating with engraving on the top of the inlet.
  4. Pulley, which mounts on the water pump and is used to drive the supercharger with a belt. The larger the pulley, the higher the boost and the more power you'll have. We make all sizes pulleys, machined from billet 6061 aluminium, anodized in various colours and then CNC engraved. Anodized in black or red.
  5. Belt - 5PK belt with the correct length for the pulley, 6PK for 165mm and the option for 6PK for 150mm (6PK gives 25% more grip, but the 6PK pulley is compatible only with our kits and cannot be used on the TTE/Bemani setups).
  6. Bypass valve system: A crucial component of the supercharger system, it releases excess air back to the supercharger inlet, so the charger isn’t loaded off throttle and there’s no boost in the pipework before the throttle body. Unlike vacuum operated bypass valves, this mechanically cable operated one moves linearly with the throttle body, essentially acting as a boost controller – the more throttle you apply, the more boost you’ll have up to the full boost level for the pulley size installed. Fixes a lot of issues people using DIY vacuum bypass valves or blow off valves have – no unwanted acceleration, no limp modes, no jumps no flat spots. This small component allows for a very smooth and pleasant drivability.
  7. Tensioner – used to tension the supercharger belt. The one used in our kit can be easily adjusted by just using a ¼” ratchet and an 8mm hex key.
  8. Fuel cut defender - the so called "black box", which intercepts the signal from the MAP sensor and limits it to no more than 127 kPa so the ECU doesn’t trigger fuel cut during boost. This is the only electronic device needed when supercharging the IS200, at least up until a certain power level. This is our custom designed FCD to a much higher standard than the one TTE offered back in the day. We’re using only the highest grade components, tested and calibrated.
  9. Intercooler and pipework. The intercooler, which fits behind the IS200’s bumper is 550x140x65mm one. Then we’re adding our own custom made pipework with high quality 4-ply silicone elbows and joiners, T-bolt clamps etc. The pipes are welded aluminium and powder coated with the same coating as the inlets and outlets.

Also included are stainless steel bolts and washers for everything.

You need to provide your own air filter/intake. Feel free to contact us for recommendations.

* Blue, pink, lime green and purple silicone joiners also available. Please add a note of your preferred colour.

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