Lexus IS200, IS300, Altezza XE10 rear knuckle poly bush (PAIR)

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Lexus IS200/300 Altezza XE10 rear knuckle spherical bushing polyurethane upgrade (PAIR)

With the rear knuckle uniballs constantly failing on the XE10 chassis (Lexus IS200/300, Toyota Altezza) and without quality replacement options, most owners are stuck with squeaking or knocking rear end.
At RankOne we decided something had to be done and through vigorous research and testing we designed these polyurethane bushes. They are fully CNC machined, easy to fit, will tighten up the rear end, making it safer to drive and provide a lifespan that cannot be found in OEM bushes.

Don't waste your time on cheap, fake replacements (no OEM options are available for these as Toyota only offers the whole rear knuckle as a spare part). Our bushes fit perfectly and can be installed by hand directly on the car, without a press (the old ones will need pushing out with a bushing removal tool).



  • 4-piece design for each side
  • Zinc plated steel insert
  • Cast, then CNC machined inserts and bushes
  • 90ShA hardness

What's included:

  • 2x sets of bushes (for both sides of 1 car)
  • Highly resistant grease (Yacco Aqua Grease, enough for both sides)

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