Lexus IS200 / IS300 / Altezza / JZX100 Big Brake Kit

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Lightweight monoblock aluminium caliper kit, bolt-on for 334 mm rotors.

Designed for 334 mm rotors out of Lexus RC/GS 2012+ (compared to 296 mm stock, 315 mm for the LS400 upgrade), this is the biggest brake kit to fit under 17" wheels. And it fits under the OEM 17" Lexus wheels with 10mm spacers!


  • CNC modified Sumitomo aluminium monoblock 4-piston calipers, fully refurbished and upgraded with our custom stainless steel pistons, custom stainless steel seal retainers, OEM Toyota seals;
  • 7075 billet aluminium supports, hard anodized and laser engraved;
  • 17mm RCA kit with billet aluminium spacers, hard anodized, high tensile strength bolts and heavy duty washers;
  • Full bolt kit with high tensile strength bolts to fit everything;
  • High-end custom paint - choose any colour, any paint type, any logo painted under all clear coat layers. Pictured as candy apple red, 8 layers in total with the logo painted under 3 clear coat layers.

Also fits on:

  • 09/1996-09/2000 Toyota MARK 2 (GX100, JZX100)
  • 09/1996-05/2001 Toyota Chaser (GX100, JZX100)
  • 09/1996-05/2001 Toyota Cresta (GX100, JZX100)
  • 10/1998-06/2005 Toyota Altezza (GXE10, JCE10, SXE10)
  • 01/1999-06/2005 Lexus IS200/300 (GXE10, JCE10)
    And some others (Progres, Origin, Crown...)

What's included:

  • 2x Calipers
  • 2x Caliper supports / adapters
  • 4x Roll Centre Adjuster spacers
  • 4x High tensile strength M12 RCA bolts
  • 4x Heavy duty RCA bolt washers
  • 4x High tensile strength M12 caliper support bolts
  • 4x High tensile strength M14 caliper bolts
  • 2x Caliper pad retaining pins
  • 2x Retaining pins lock springs
  • 2x Caliper retainers

Not included:

  • Lexus RC/GS 2012+ 334 mm rotors
  • Lexus LS430 UCF30 pads

 Some of the colours we've painted these in:

Dark graphite / white logo:

Candy red / white logo:

Lexus Bishop Blue (8P1) / Silver logo:

Lexus Grey Metallic (1D2) / Black logo:

Green/Gold chameleon / black logo:

Gold metallic / Black logo:

Midnight purple (PPG metallic version) / Dark graphite logo:

Note: This kit uses CNC machined LS430 UCF30 calipers, and it's fully incompatible with standard LS430 ones. The supports work only with the modified calipers in this kit.

Please, allow for 3-4 weeks of production time to allow the fresh paint to cure and harden - we need these to be perfect, so we take our time and wait them out.


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