Lexus IS200 Supercharger Cable Bypass Valve Kit

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Used when supercharging the GXE10 Lexus IS200/Altezza AS200 1G-FE engine.

Allows for smooth throttle control with direct link between the throttle and the supercharger bypass valve.

Fixes all of the issues a vacuum bypass valve causes (sudden unwanted acceleration, limp mode, bad throttle response, non-linear throttle, short effective throttle range, excessive supercharger load when going off throttle, increased belt wear).

Can be used as a replacement of a failed bypass on the TTE supercharger kit with some flange modification.

Main benefits:

  • Smooth throttle response
  • Safe release of excess air the supercharger pushes out
  • No limp mode
  • Precise and linear power delivery
  • Allows the OEM ECU to fuel properly at full throttle (by having full boost come while still in closed loop)

What's included:

  • Bypass valve body (modified brand new Mini Cooper S bypass valve body)
  • Preinstalled OEM rubber gasket
  • Inline spring mechanism
  • Mechanical cable
  • All mounting brackets and end-fittings

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