Lexus IS200 Budget Turbo Kit (T3/T4 turbocharger)

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This is a bolt-on kit to turbocharge the GXE10 1999-2005 Lexus IS200/Altezza AS200 with the Toyota 1G-FE engine.

This turbo kit uses a budget T3/T4 turbocharger with an internal wastegate set at 0.7-0.8 bar of boost.

The kit is bolt-on with everything pre-fabricated. Some minor permanent modifications are required: a couple of 8mm holes in the crash bar to mount the intercooler and 2 small cutouts in the plastic arch liners for the charge pipes to go through and a hole in the engine sump to bolt in the oil return fitting.

Power wise this kit is capable of 300+ hp on standard 1GFE internals. Since these cars are 20 years old now, results may vary wildly from engine to engine and setup to setup. Running at 0.7 bar of boost is considered safe for the engine and while we haven't had any issues running it at 0.8-0.9 bar, caution should be exersiced when boosting any N/A engine.

Component list and description:

  1. Budget T3/T4 turbocharger oil cooled with an internal wastegate module. Compressor wheel size: 52.7/76mm, turbine wheel size 55.8/64.8mm. 76mm inlet, 50mm outlet, T4 manifold flange, V-band downpipe flange. Compressor trim 48.1, turbine trim 74.2. Cold side A/R 0.5, hot side A/R 0.63. Oil cooled.
  2. Side mount log-style turbo manifold - stainless steel TIG welded, log style, T4 turbo mount, laser cut flanges with an additional stainless steel bottom support directly to the engine block.
  3. Downpipe - stainless steel TIG welded, 2.5" diameter, laser cut flanges, mounts directly to the "double barrel" cat pipe (Toyosports decat is highly recommended, although not required).
  4. Fuel system upgrade: 1ZZ-FE injectors - refurbished and flow matched (within 4%) genuine Denso 1ZZ-FE injectors
  5. Fuel system upgrade: Fuel return line and a rising rate FPR - our fully custom fuel return line kit with a rising rate fuel pressure regulator pre-set at 3.5 bar differential pressure, OEM in-tank FPR delete.
  6. Custom turbo oil feed line - stainless braded hose and crimped fittings. No universal aluminium fittings are used on this kit.
  7. Custom zinc plated oil feed banjo adapter with an integrated oil restrictor.
  8. Custom zinc plated VVTi oil feed banjo bolt with an integrated 10mm banjo turbo oil feed.
  9. Custom zinc plated bolt-in sump oil return fitting with gaskets so no welding is necessary.
  10. Billet aluminium turbo oil drain adapter bolt on with a gasket and 16mm oil resistant rubber hose
  11. Fuel Cut Defender or the so called "black box" which limits the MAP sensor signal to 127 kPa so the OEM ECU doesn't trigger fuel cut mode.
  12. OEM Toyota exhaust manifold gaskets
  13. T4 turbo gasket
  14. High tensile strength manifold studs with heat resistant copper plated nuts
  15. Intercooler and pipework - custom welded aluminium pipework with 550x140x65mm intercooler which fits behind the standard IS200 front bumper (aftermarket bumpers and the OEM SportCross bumper may require trimming).
  16. 4-ply silicone joiners and elbows for the charge pipework.
  17. Custom intercooler mounting brackets with stainless steel fasteners.
  18. Stainless steel T-bolt clamps for the silicone joiners and elbows.
  19. Zinc plated hose clamps for the coolant hoses and the oil drain hose.

You need to provide your own air filter/intake. The turbocharger has a standard 76mm inlet port. Any pod/cone filter with that outlet size will work perfectly.

The use of oil catch tank for the valve cover breather is recommended, but a simple breather filter will work as well. Leaving the breather port open isn't recommended.

* Blue, pink, lime green and purple silicone joiners also available. Please add a note of your preferred colour.

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