Lexus IS200 / Altezza AS200 GXE10 1G-FE lightweight chromoly flywheel

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Lexus IS200 / Altezza AS200 solid chromoly steel lightweight flywheel

CNC machined out of chrome-molybdenum steel (chromoly) these flywheels offer high strength, lifetime zero issue operation and their weight of 7 kg is about half that of the problematic OEM dual mass flywheel. They offer:

    • Quicker engine response
    • Faster revving
    • Less parasitic losses (more power)
    • Less clutch wear/longer clutch life
    • Better clutch feel
    • Much more pleasant experience when driving

    Unlike the dual mass version, these will never fail and being made from high grade chrome-molybdenum steel billet they're amazingly strong and durable. The unusual design allows the material behind the friction surface to be much thicker than standard lightweight flywheel designs, which makes it stronger and with much more thermal mass - this pulls heat away from the clutch better and makes the flywheel immune to warping. In essence it will last forever.

    CAD Designed and engineered in the EU, these flywheels are machined in-house, dynamically balanced and ready to bring some life to the 1G-FE engine in the Lexus IS200 and Toyota Altezza AS200 (GXE10).

    We make these in 2 options - for the standard IS200 225mm clutch and for the 3S-GTE 235/240mm clutch.

    The version that uses 3S-GTE clutches (MR2 Turbo, Celica GT-4) is capable of holding drasticly more power from a heavily modified 1G-FE engine. Also great for drifting, clutch kicks and all kinds of abuse. Just use a 3S-GTE pressure plate and friction disc plus the OEM IS200 release bearing (with an added adapter, provided with the flywheel). Corresponding OEM part numbers for the 3S-GTE clutch: 31210-20350 pressure plate and 31250-17051 friction disc.


      • 7 kg weight (light, but not too light, unlike some other cheap options)
      • High grade DIN 42CrMo4 / SAE 4140 billet steel (chromoly steel)
      • Precision CNC machined
      • Dynamically balanced to a fraction of a gram
      • Precision cut ring gear
      • High 12.9 grade 25mm bolts included
      • Compatible with manual gearboxes only
      • Compatible with the Toyota 1G-FE engine
      • Compatible with the OEM IS200 / Altezza AS200 GXE10 clutch or the 3S-GTE clutch used in MR2 turbo, Celica GT-4 and others

       What's included:

      • 1x Single mass flywheel
      • 6x 12.9 grade bolts

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