Lexus IS200 6PK Supercharger Pulley (TTE/BEMANI Kits)

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Supercharger pulley for Lexus IS200 Supercharged (TTE/Bemani kits compatible)

A drive pulley mounted on the water pump of the 1G-FE engine, used to drive the M62 supercharger on TTE/Bemani supercharger kits or DIY kits, using replica TTE cradles.

  • 150mm - this is the most popular pulley size by a lot. Usually gives you 0.5 to 0.55 bar of boost for 230-240 hp. This is the max 1ZZ-FE injectors can take and the max the OEM ECU can manage with just a fuel cut defender. Front cats are best removed at this level, the rear one can stay if it's in a good condition.

  • 160mm or 165mm pulley size - this is the max you can go. You can get 0.8 bar of boost and with water/meth injection, 2zz-ge or bigger injectors, 1zz injectors + fuel return line and FPR, a piggyback ECU or a standalone, mapping, bigger exhaust and manifold, no cats, an additional large blow off valve and some luck you can get up to 270-280 hp out of the engine. The best results so far have been 165mm+1zz injectors+fuel return+FPR+FCD on the OEM ECU for 272 hp at 0.75 bar and 160mm+2zz injectors+water/meth injection+piggyback at 0.65 bar for 280 hp. It all depends on the dyno of course, so these are just examples.

Required belt sizes:

For Rank One kits:

  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Rank One Performance kits!

For TTE/Bemani kits and replica cradles:

  • 150mm - 6PK825, 6PK830
  • 160mm - 6PK853
  • 165mm - 6PK862 or 6PK865


  • 6PK width
  • CNC machined out of 6061 billet aluminium
  • Anodized in red or black
  • CNC engraved

What's included:

  • 6PK aluminium pulley

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