1UZ-FE / 3UZ-FE Lexus IS200 engine conversion kit

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This kit allows for a straight drop-in of a 1UZ-FE and 3UZ-FE engines in a 1st gen Lexus IS200 with a J160 manual gearbox. The kit includes a 2 piece adapter (one part bolts to the engine, the other to the gearbox, then the two bolt together securely), a fully custom flywheel with an integrated starter ring gear (no reusing old flex plates), an integrated spigot bearing in the flywheel (no extensions for the gearbox shaft are needed) and is designed to use 3S-GTE clutches with the OEM IS200 clutch release bearing. The backing cover is also included and bolts directly to the engine side adapter.

Our kit keeps the gearbox in its original position, so no modifications to the gearbox mounts, shifter position, bellhousing or driveshaft are required. Everything stays in the OEM position.

These engines don't benefit from lightweight flywheels, so we've made and tested 2 options for flywheel weights:

  • Street 14 kg chromoly version (smooth, comfortable, very similar in feel to the 12 kg aluminium version)
  • Street 12 kg aluminium version (smooth and comfortable)
  • Race 10 kg aluminium version (a bit snappier response, not too lightweight to make it hard to drive).

Main benefits:

  • The only UZ conversion kit on the market which keeps the OEM gearbox position and the IS200 driveshaft.
  • Custom flywheel with an integrated ring gear, no sandwiching of flex plates, no adapting flywheels designed for other engines.
  • Precisely designed and measured for a perfect coaxial alignment.
  • All mounting holes are used both on the engine and on the gearbox for a maximum secure fit.

What's included:

  • 1x Flywheel: billet chromoly steel or aluminium with a chromoly friction plate including an integrated starter ring gear for the OEM UZ starter, and an integrated spigot bearing for the J160 gearbox input shaft, made for 3S-GTE clutches
  • 1x IS200 OEM release bearing addon ring to suit the 3S-GTE pressure plate
  • 1x Steel washer/flange to be used between the flywheel and the flywheel bolts, zinc plated (only for the aluminium versions)
  • 1x Two piece billet aluminium adapter to mate the UZ engine to the J160 gearbox
  • 2x Steel engine mount brackets for the UZ engine block to fit directly on the IS200 engine mounts, powder coated in black
  • 1x Steel backing plate cover, zinc plated
  • Full set of 12.9 high tensile strength bolts for everything, including new flywheel bolts, adapter bolts, engine mount brackets bolts.

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