BMW E30/Е36 rear axle camber/toe adjustment weld-in brackets kit

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A full set of weld-in brackets to allow camber and toe adjustment on the rear axle of E30, E36, E34 chassis BMWs.

We include our own flat eccentric washers to be used with OEM BMW adjustment bolts (P/N: 33321095102).

Also provided are additional 4x eccentric washers to convert standard high tensile strength M12x1.5x100mm bolts to adjustment ones by welding in the additionally provided washers (like with everything else, OEM parts can be unavailable these days, so we provide this solution as well).

What's included:

  • 8x CNC milled steel weld-in plates
  • 4x Laser cut steel eccentric adjustment washers (keyed)
  • 4x Laser cut steel weld-in eccentric adjustment washers (for DIY adjustment bolts)